the still small voice.


I enjoy this time of year in the autumn because its all about beginnings. (think about it)

I know most people think spring is about new beginnings but a lot of things must die before new life can begin. Autumn is that preparing season. The “waiting” season. Look at the leaves. Their splendor is unmatched when preparing for newness of life. The time when still small Voices are more easily heard….. or when you have to strain harder.

 I guess you can probably guess where I’m at. And I thought this most recent typhoon would allow me a “Catch Up” day. 

 I’ve been thinking a lot, it being autumn and all, and I do this every year. I think about the concept of home. I think about the people and places I’ve left behind. I look in my email and see it’s been since Feb when I last emailed Grace to ask about Sydney. I look in my text messages and see the last time I spoke to some of the people I consider closest to me in my life. I look at my notebook and see the date is about 9 days ago when I last sat down and wrote out any time of Scripture meditation. I look at my wall calendar and see that it’s now Monday and I haven’t gone jogging since last Thursday. 

 Pinterest helps, for a little while, to alleviate the homesickness, the wanderlust. So does reading nice poetry that I’ve read and then scribbled into notebooks to remember…. then I move on to buying a plane ticket to Singapore for the early November break and knowing I’ll see friends in Thailand at Thanksgiving. A friend sends me a text while I’m preparing dinner for later, and we go for a jog as the rains of the typhoon abate. But mostly what helps is sitting down with a cup a tea — the windows open and the laundry hanging to dry– reading. The passages are not chronological, in fact they’ve been all over the place lately, but the difference is a time to reflect and write a little about what I’ve read. And then, as I wait in the silence, maybe I’ll once again hear the still small voice.

About CRIL

Here I am in an attempt to find healing, hope, truth, pain, beauty... here I stand with my arms open wide... I'm not settling for what I am... instead I am searching for what I am meant to become when all that is reflected through me is Him and His Glory... I am confident that the path He has set before me is both sorrow *and* joy... it is not up to me to determine which is which... (written by me when I was an undergrad... still true today)

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