Understand this. Thanks.


The water was turned off for our whole village yesterday.  I came home from work and Lindsay said as I came in the flat, “Hey, the water’s out”. Then I got into  the Brenneman’s car heading to the beach and Carl said “Was your water off??” Hm… this could be a problem when we get back from the beach, no water to take a shower!

The high speed internet access is still alive and kicking but water, no. It seems like something you couldn’t imagine if you have never had a local government just shut off your water for what appears to be no reason. 

 But I have. So the fact that the water’s turned off seems like no point of contention. What you really want to know is…. when will the water be turned back on? 🙂 Until then, just enjoy the beach, the fountain lights after sunset and your bottle of Cass. 


Photo credit to: http://koreaonmymind.wordpress.com  … cause I was too busy dancing in it to snap a pic 🙂 

About CRIL

Here I am in an attempt to find healing, hope, truth, pain, beauty... here I stand with my arms open wide... I'm not settling for what I am... instead I am searching for what I am meant to become when all that is reflected through me is Him and His Glory... I am confident that the path He has set before me is both sorrow *and* joy... it is not up to me to determine which is which... (written by me when I was an undergrad... still true today)

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