Finding Quiet Amongst the Noise


I took my first run after being back in Jeju on Wednesday. Despite the asthma flare up I have going on right now, there was just too much going on and I needed to get away — no headphones or anything. It was a farmer’s road so it wound in and out of beautifully tilled fields with soil just waiting for the fall crops to be planted.  This first week has been a week that can only be described as wonderful. I’m teaching my first graders from last year so we’re embarking on the journey of second grade together. We have lost a few friends, as international schools do, and added four new ones for this year. I’ve perhaps been more focused on building memories and being fully present than I have in the years past. I always have held time elusive and as if it was something precious to me but I also have a bad habit of forward thinking. This summer I spent just enjoying each moment fully… fully as a moment by itself and not as a part of a bigger picture or as a memory to be filed away to call back later. That’s how my run felt.  Just as I was starting, Mindy (new first grade teacher, who took my place since I looped up to 2nd with my kids) was on her way back. Following Mindy’s advice combined with the quick overview Amber had given me the weekend before, I set off towards 1132.

At the end of the road was a little shop that I darted into. I inspected the items — flour, some eggs, milk, sugar — making it the closet little shop to my new place to get items for baking and cooking.  Not wanting to miss the bus to Emart, I ran back and grabbed my shopping bag, hopping on and setting off to do the dreaded grocery shopping. Renewed by the run, in the quiet place in my mind, soaking in the lyrics to a song we sang at YES service last Sunday was just what I needed to be able to make it through to the end of the week.  My prayer for this year is that as  I am filled with His peace, that my heart would be open and be ready to be cultivated — just like the Jeju fields I run past.

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