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I’m now in the ‘Fan Club’

I’m now in the ‘Fan Club’

This week our school (KIS) is on holiday break for Chusuk. Chusuk is a harvest festival based on the lunar calendar that falls during autumn each year celebrated by Koreans not only in North and South Korea but all over. My friend is celebrating even in Los Angeles this year! For me, the weather is still gorgeous and because I am blessed I have spent the break mainly outdoors.

On Monday I went to an outdoor market and the beach. I spent my beach time in the water boogie boarding. The beach was a new one I haven’t been to called Pyseon (sp??) That was fun, I am still trying to get the hang of relearning with my wrist and it’s lack of ROM. But I did fairly well. On Tuesday, I went to the largest market on the island (Jeju City 5 day market) and grocery shopping plus lunch with my jiejie Amber, Amber’s daughter Lydia and a new friend, Cat. We ate at Lemon Table, then went to Lotte Mart and headed home. Upon reaching home, I went with the entire Brenneman family to Gwakji beach.

Wednesday I went cycling in the morning, then hiking and then to Hamdeok beach to swim and play football on the sand (soccer). We came back through Jeju city and ended up at a hot pot restaurant. The restaurant had Korean, Chinese and Japanese menu. Thankfully, I still have enough Chinese reading skills for us to order some beef tripe and vegetable hot pot. Spicy but good.

Now Thursday, the focus of my post. The church service I attend here in Jeju is the Youngnak English Service at Youngnak Presbyterian church. I’ve only been attending since August of last year, but I have come to really enjoy each week and the people, the teaching and music that they have. Our community is small, rotating and comfortable — forged together by this island & the work and different walks of life that have all brought us here. We have visiting speakers often and in their absence Pastor Steve and Pastor John lead us. They work at Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI) serving and training students who come to study the Bible. For all my YWAM friends, their program is basically the same as a DTS.

They are in a process of what I’m sure seems like endless construction of new dorms, classrooms and a cafeteria for their students. Yesterday, the Brennemans and myself, the Karpers and Mindy and the Carpenters came with us and we did a day helping out there. They moved wood, helped put up ceiling pieces, cleaned up sawdust and all sorts of things I’m sure (I didn’t see them in action much as Amber and I were up the hill working) A huge pile of wood beams was inside and needed to be moved outside– they did a great job. Amber and I worked through the morning to clean a donated fridge and freezer. Then we went to the dorm rooms and classrooms to collect, disassemble, dust, wash, and use the air compressor on stand up fans. I lost count but there were over 20 fans. Then we re-assembled them. Kim came up and helped us before lunch too. After lunch, Amber and I found more fans. It was actually a lot of fun. An accomplishment you could see and a nice sun and breeze to work in. Now reassembling each fan— ha! Lots of screws and turning fan parts and blades opposite directions. Every single time I tried to turn that fan blade to the right, but it screws on to the left…. who would have thought?? đŸ™‚ I’m an official member of the WOLBI “fan club”!

The opening week for WOLBI students is next week. I am sure, particularly after a Chusuk holiday (equivalent to an American’s Thanksgiving… a very big family holiday) that some of these students will be more homesick than they normally would be. Would you commit to pray for them as they
start classes? Pray that God would speak to them in a way He hasn’t ever spoken to them before. Pray that the Holy Spirit would impress upon the hearts of those who have time or talent to volunteer or help at WOLBI — in construction, in cleaning, in giving?

A new cafeteria and dorm. Cleaning fans and moving wood. That’s just a little snapshot of the work The Lord is doing all throughout Asia, but specifically Jeju where I live. These people working at WOLBI are my friends and I know them personally — each week they are tirelessly and selflessly working to advance the Kingdom.

Here’s a link to P. Steve’s facebook from Wednesday if you’re interested in knowing how you could help serve:


something old, something new

something old, something new

It is my season. My cup of ginger tea curled up on the couch as the wind howls. My smoke from the fire, blinding me and making me unable to breathe. I love autumn. I’m not sure why I have such an affinity for this particular season over all the others. There’s so much I attribute exclusively to fall, and you can find me deep in the winter months or in the spring mud of April trying to re-create it and re-purpose the sense of crisp air, leaves and jumpers that comes along with it.

One thing that I enjoy is watching American football. Granted, college football I prefer, mostly due to the sense of anticipation and the collective mourning or rejoicing that comes along with it. I can’t claim myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination. I won’t wake up to watch or listen to it at 3am really. I prefer to partake in it as a group activity. Living in a different timezone as when all the games are played, we had Superbowl breakfast parties instead of tailgating parties.

I was rooting for Alabama for years as a Tennessee resident merely because their colour wasn’t orange (much to the chagrin of my dear friend Verlin Tucker)

I can still clearly picture Verlin singing Rocky Top and hosting us NCBC folk at the house for game days. It was what first included me in the group of friends I had there. (probably making it why I liked to watch it so much)

Last night a gathering of guys who teach at my school were at our fifth grade teacher’s apartment, Tupper. Tupper’s house was out of the smoky firepit area and I wanted to hang out and see how their Fantasy Football NFL Draft was going to go. Just some beer, conversation and men yelling about players on a football team. Sounds fun, right? Well remember when I said I don’t really know much about American football?? Haha! Somehow Katie, Cathy (who decided to join our team and leave) and I ended up being one of the teams who would participate in the FF KIS league. This left us trying to figure out if we had all the positions, which positions we needed first, Googling names, picking somewhat artibarily and somewhat strategically and trying to scroll through ESPN’s top 300 projected picks ! Daisy came up halfway through and that just added to the fun. Oh, and might I mention doing all of this by scribbling out our thoughts on paper towels before eventually through Round 10 I figured we should get a piece of paper to write down who we had already picked!

Anyway I don’t think we did half bad. Here’s the top 4 that I’m excited about and they better do well, since my 25 bucks is in a pot and Katie and I want to get 1,000 US return if our team wins! (if not, no big deal… but seriously… now I’m in it to win it!)

Four that we have on our team
(something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue)

Something old

— labelled in one article as a “veteran statistical marvel” — and for darn good reason, he’s GB’s number 1 QB …. we weren’t playing around when it came to QB’s. We have Green Bay Packer’s Aaron Rodgers as our first round pick…. setting the precedent on the Ladies Team to keep up the good picks throughout the rest of the night.

Something new

— Giovanni Bernard. He hurt his knee a few years ago and he’s a relatively young player, but his name is cool, his parents are Haitian immigrants, he looks fast and I am thinking this will turn out to be a winner this year.

Something borrowed

— Last round pick (and therefore possibly playing on borrowed time) due to the fact his knee was having problems. Still projected to do well (and I can use him later since he can be a ‘flex’ player) is Tennessee’s Kendall Wright. An article I read this morning states that “Tennessee Titans Kendall Wright is dealing with a sprained knee, but the team thinks he will be ready for the regular season opener. ”

Something blue

— When it comes to Blue, Katie and I pay homage to a town we both lived in and a team you can’t help not love…. Seattle Seahawks as our defense choice. Not only do I feel my slight homesickness from this pick (despite not living in WA for over 10 years) but I also feel closer to ‘home’ knowing we are going to pulverize because we have the best defense in the entire NFL. 12th MAN! Whoo!

And our whole team roster:

1. Aaron Rodger’s – Green Bay QB
2. Reggie Bush – Detroit Lions RB
3. Randall Cobb – Green Bay WR
4. Jared Cook – St. Louis Rams TE
5. Brandon Pettigrew – Detroit Lions TE
6. Vincent Jackson – Tampa Bay WR
7. Seattle Seahawks Defense
8. Jermaine Kearse – Seattle WR
9. Jay Feely – Arizona Cardinals kicker
10. Giovanni Bernard – Cin Bengals RB
11. Ben Roethlisberger – Steelers (our backup QB)
12. Mike Williams – Tampa Bay WR
13. Lance Moore St. Louis Rams WR
14. Joseph Randle – Cowboys RB
15. Kendall Wright

(Now that I think about it, I believe we are missing 1… maybe lol!)

So what do you think? Project our team will do well?? Happy NFL season!